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Rock on!

squirrel-rock2Rock art was an idea that was brewing in my head ever since I traveled through New Zealand in 2015. We came across a beach in the South island that was covered by thousands of the most beautiful smooth white rocks. I gathered a handful and around the world they traveled with me.

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Our Travel Adventure!

Here it is! Our 2014-2015 “around the world” adventure all summed up in 5 minutes. My partner and I explored 18 countries in 15 months – Bulgaria, Italy France, Spain, UK, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand- needless to say it’s been an unforgettable experience.

Therapeutic Paper Projects

December has brought upon deep cravings for any type of project that uses my hands….in ways other than typing on a keyboard. This desire, along with my recycling obsession and the holiday season, has led me down a crafty road of festive ornaments. Who knew a Brooklyn subway map could be so pretty? It’s fun to learn something new. Keeps the ‘ol noodle in check…

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Memory Portrait Nepal

I was very happy to initiate this project this year. This is the (no name) Art Group’s 4th time doing Memory Portraits. Mine was done for Prasama. It is a 20-hour “meditation” portrait dedicated to Prasama. It was created by repeated patterns, each mark made in a spirit of kindness and compassion. Let it reflect the beauty of universal love – and that it not be restricted to just the few persons nearest to us, but to all living creatures in the world.

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2015/16 Marketing: What To Keep And Cut

This is a great article written by ROI, a leading digital marketing company in Australia but is relevant anywhere. Business owners take a few minutes to know where to invest your dollars this year!

Cut It………

1. LinkedIn cold selling

Treating your LinkedIn contacts or any other social network’s connections as a database for email campaigns is a bad idea. Instead, concentrate on using LinkedIn the way it was intended, by having meaningful discussions.

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Once Upon A Time

I fell in love with pencils from the moment I could hold one in my hand. Most of my pencil drawings these days are sketches in my travel journals. But I still love creating work that focuses on details. I choose this medium often with (no name) Art Group projects. Below is a portrait I created as a gift for “Stephen”, founder of El-Shadai Foster Home in Uganda. Learn more about this project here >

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